Fresh Deals Policy About Cookies

Important Consent Information: The use of our Website or our mobile application (the “Website”), the use of the Services provided through our Website, or the receiving of our emails, means that you consent to use of cookies in accordance with this Cookie Policy.

What is this Cookie Policy?

This Cookie Policy describes how we and third parties allow us to use cookies when you interact with our Website or the Services offered through the Website. Please note that this Cookie Policy is part of our Privacy Statement and should be read in conjunction with our Privacy Statement. Our Privacy Statement explains what we do (and do not do) with information, including any personal data we may collect about you. Please read both.

What are cookies?

Cookies are unique identifiers, which usually consist of small bits of text or code. Cookies are usually stored on your device or web browser and send specific information back to the place provided by the cookie. When we say cookies in essence we refer to a wider range of technologies than just cookies, including web beacons, clear gifs, pixels and other similar technologies. When we say first-party cookies we mean the cookies provided by Fresh Deals. By third-party cookies we mean cookies provided by third parties other than Fresh Deals.

How are cookies used?

Cookies are used to better understand the functionality of applications and websites and to tailor experiences online and mobile. Cookies do this by enabling the cookie provider to analyze the performance of a website or mobile application, anonymously target specific users and remember their preferences, to better understand when a computer or device (and possibly the user) ) previously visited a website and presented personalized ads.

What types of cookies do we use on the Website?

Our Website uses the following 3 types:


1. Functional Cookies

These cookies are essential for the operation of our Website. They allow you to browse and use our Site. If you disable these cookies, the Website will not function properly.

2. Performance cookies

These cookies collect information about how visitors use the Website and monitor the performance of the Website. For example, our performance cookies let us know which pages are popular, record traffic to our Site, and collect anonymous analytics. Performance cookies can also detect and resolve functional issues on the Website.

3. Functionality cookies

These cookies are used to identify and remind you of your preferences. For example, functionality cookies may use information, such as your location, to confirm that you are in a version of our Website that is appropriate for your city or region.

How can I avoid cookies?

You can avoid specific cookies by configuring your browser settings or by opt-out directly to the part where the cookie operates and controls. Please check your browser settings for more information.

Are these cookies in the emails?

Our emails contain cookies that detect whether you open our emails or click on the links they contain. The cookies used in our emails to monitor such behavior are unique to each email and are not stored on your computer or mobile device.

What if I have questions?

If you have any questions even after reading this Cookie Policy, please contact Fresh Deals.